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Transforming structured products


Mark Aldous, MD of inSPire, was invited by Bloomberg to give a lightning presentation at their RiskTech Talks conference to an audience from the derivatives and structured products industry.

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inSPire launches first centralised utility to mutualise due diligence costs for structured product industry.

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New regulations are offering an opportunity to catch-up and help the industry compete in an increasingly digital marketplace for retail investment.

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A simple to read explanation of how the PRIIPs regulation performance scenarios are generated for most non-delta 1 retail structured products.

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The owners of structured products platforms know they need to upgrade. But there’s a dilemma: do they spruce up the existing platform or start from scratch?

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Inspire were asked by SRP to analyse the results of their recent survey of Structured Products manufacturers and distributors.

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The world of structured products is changing.

Investors demand customised products, accessed via a seamless digital experience for product research and selection. At the same time, compliance demands have never been higher throughout the manufacturing and distribution process.

inSPire provides a unique range of tools to support structured products manufacturers through the issuance process, platform management, product governance and full lifecycle support. Our team of experts and specialist technology is used by many of the leading structured product issuers to reduce the strain on their resources and benefit from industry standards and mutualisation.

At the heart of our approach is the belief that members of the structured products community – from issuers to service providers – can all become more successful by working together. Tackling shared problems and developing common solutions with the support of our team of world-class structured product experts.

Interested in discovering the power of collaboration? Get in touch today.

Together, we can.


Whatever your challenge, inSPire can provide the expertise to help you overcome it.

Our experienced structured products professionals are drawn from some of Europe’s leading structured products issuers, giving them a deep understanding of your requirements and the environment in which you need to deliver.

Our teams will collaborate with you at every stage of structured product manufacture, providing advice and practical support to optimise your operations, lower fixed costs and increase flexibility – allowing you to focus on what matters: delivering innovative products and impeccable solutions to your clients.

We provide a range of issuance solutions for the front, middle and back office, including:

  • Transaction management and full lifecycle issuance support
  • Documentation drafting and automation services
  • Expert consultancy services spanning technology, process automation and legal and regulatory change

If you’d like to talk about how we can help you solve your structured products challenges, contact us today.

Plug into the most powerful platform for structured product manufacturing.

inSPire Direct provides a cost effective end to end solution for your structured products issuance, accessed through a single interface.

  • Documentation production and automation
  • Approval management, real time status tracking
  • Event monitoring and reporting
  • Due diligence and product governance
  • Analytics and workflow tools

How efficient is your due diligence process?

Due diligence is essential but time-consuming. Industry-wide duplication of effort and inconsistent requirements from bank to bank mean it’s often more onerous than it should be and a drain on revenue-generating resources.

inSPire Due Diligence is the first centralised, independent utility for structured products distributor due diligence:

  • Immediate benefits for both distributors and manufacturers
  • Flexible deployment options, minimising adoption effort
  • Built by structured products specialists, reflecting our global product governance experience and best practice from across the industry

Get in touch to find out more about inSPire Due Diligence and our wider Product Governance consulting, benchmarking and execution services.

We believe in the power of collaboration to build a better structured products market for everyone.

We have a track record of helping structured product issuers work together to tackle the industry’s challenges. By pooling knowledge and experiences to develop shared solutions the industry can deliver better responses to meet customer needs and regulatory requirements. Our inSPire Community approach also enables our clients to mutualise the costs of these initiatives enabling lower cost access to the best of breed solutions.